Who Needs Long Term Care Insurance?

Who Needs Long Term Care Insurance

At Schneider & Shulman Associates, we encourage anyone planning their retirement years to consider Long Term Care Insurance as an integral part of that plan. You’ve worked hard to build your retirement portfolio, you’ve researched the best way to invest it and you’ve dreamed of the most enjoyable ways to spend it. Take just a moment, then, to look at Long Term Care Insurance—the best way to protect your retirement income and quality of life.


Do You Need Long Term Care Insurance?who-needs-long-term-care-insurance

You should strongly consider long term care insurance if you:

  • Believe you could live a long life
  • Acknowledge the possibility that you may need care
  • Agree that the cost of care could financially and emotionally devastate your family


We Are Living Longer

Thanks to advances in modern medicine and lifestyle changes, people are just plain living longer. The elderly population continues to grow, and the number of people over the age of 65 is projected to double by the year 2050. If you hope to be in that category, Long Term Care Insurance is for you.


Protect Your Retirement and Lifestyle

It’s true that you may never need long term care. If you do, however, money will have to be allocated to pay for it. If you’ve worked hard to build up a retirement portfolio and you don’t want to see it depleted by Long Term Care costs, Long Term Care Insurance is for you.

Of course, not all care is created equal. With more resources at your disposal, you will be able to choose quality care facilities and caretakers. If you respect yourself enough to provide for your own best care, Long Term Care Insurance is for you.


LTC Insurance Removes the Burden From Your Family

At Schneider & Shulman Associates, many of our clients are people who have witnessed the devastating effects of Long Term Care needs and want to prevent the same from happening in their own lives and families. Taking care of a loved one without the necessary financial resources can strain people and families to the breaking point. If you love your family and want them to maintain their lifestyle, Long Term Care Insurance is definitely for you.

Schneider & Shulman Associates can help you begin making your Long Term Care Plan today! Fill out our Free Quote form or call our toll-free number to speak with a qualified representative about Long Term Care Insurance.