What is New in LTC Planning?

The Economy and Long Term Care Planning
July 7, 2017
Long Term Care Plans…the time is right!
July 7, 2017
Next item of interest is that inflation options on traditional LTC plans have increased in variety.  Most companies offer 5% simple and 5% compound inflation options.  Now we can offer 3%, 5% compound capped at 20 years, and most recently; CPI compound.   John Hancock’s CPI compound inflation rider provides annual increases in benefits based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI).  Therefore if we ever see double digit inflation…the client is covered and the benefit is increased by the CPI increase.   This flexible option is less expensive than the traditional fixed 5% compound option and ensures true value regardless of inflation.
Finally, updated group products have entered the market and they have easier qualifications and underwriting concessions as well as significant discounts.  Business owners can discriminate and are not required to offer this company benefit to all employees.   The tax benefits can be substantial and LTC is finally being valued as a true employee benefit.
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