Long Term Care Insurance Checklist

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Long-Term Care Insurance Check List

Thanks to modern medicine, Americans are living longer than ever. Nevertheless, as Americans age, many need long-term care. Some opt to live at home and have medical and other services provided at home, others choose (or family chooses for them) to live in a residential care facility. Either way, retirement savings can be used up quickly – spent on long-term care. The best way to protect estate and retirement assets from being co-opted by long-term care expenses is to buy a long-term care insurance policy.

Following is a checklist for purchasing a long-term care insurance policy. Another important use of this checklist is determining the type of long-term care (LTC) insurance that suits you best.

Location of service

_____ Will the policy pay for long-term care anywhere in the US so there are family or friends nearby?

Services included with this policy

_____ In-home services?

_____ Residential care facilities (nursing homes)?

This policy pays benefits

_____ As a fixed daily sum?

_____ Reimbursement to caregivers up to the policy’s limit for a specific service – such as $150 per day for nursing home care or $75 per day for in-home care?

Does the policy protect you against inflation?

_____ The policy has automatic inflation protection

_____ The policy allows for buying additional protection at set intervals

Does the policy protect against forfeiture?

_____ The policy has automatic nonforfeiture protection

______ The policy provides for you to buy nonforfeiture protection as an added benefit


_____ If married and both spouses by long-term care insurance, is the policy is discounted?

Waiver of premiums

_____ After you receive policy benefits for a set time does the policy provide for a premium waiver?

Tax deductibility

_____ Is the policy federally tax deductible?

_____If your state offers deductions or credits for long-term care insurance does the policy meet state qualifications?

The policy pays benefits for how long

_____ In a nursing home?

_____ Homecare?

Total amount of benefits


______ Nursing home care?

Length of time before the policy is active? (aka elimination period)

_____ Homecare?

_____ Nursing home care?

Eligibility triggers are

_____ When you can no longer perform a specific number of activities of daily living (ADL)?

_____ If you have a cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s?

This checklist gives you a handy way to compare long-term care (LTC) insurance policies. Before you settle on buying a policy it is a good idea to discuss your choices with your insurance advisor and your estate planner. The inner workings of these policies are generally hard for lay people to assess.


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