Free Quotes are Ok, but…..

Defining Long Term Care Correctly
July 7, 2017
The Economy and Long Term Care Planning
July 7, 2017
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Schneider & Shulman Associates are Long Term Care Insurance experts and if all you want is a quote…then yes we can provide that.   But….as true experts we think you can do better!

If all you want is a quote, then my advice would be that you should already know exactly what your plan is and how much coverage would be appropriate for that plan.  If you do not have that information, it is almost like considering buying a car for $10,000 and not having any idea what that car is.

If you are truly interested in learning about Long Term Care plans, then Schneider & Shulman Associates will be happy to spend as much time as you need providing all the information you need…and we do that for FREE also.  Our experts are patient, knowledgeable and experienced.  We promise you will be well advised…even if you do not know what to ask.

Then once you know enough to formulate a plan that’s appropriate…we will provide premiums and comparisons of only the best insurers to finance your personal plan.   The companies we represent are: Genworth, John Hancock, MetLife, Prudential, MedAmerica, and Allianz.

Let us show you what we know about protecting your family and your retirement.

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