3 Tips for Discussing Long Term Care With Loved Ones

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3 Tips for Discussing Long Term Care With Loved Ones

In many families, discussing finances, health and aging is taboo. However, as parents and other relatives age, the chances that they will need some sort of long term care increase. It’s estimated that 70% of individuals over the age of 65 will need long term care at some point in their lives. Since costs often run $750,000 or more for three years of care, it is vital that your loved one have a plan in place to handle care. To make that conversation easier and more effective, consider these tips:

1. Don’t put off the long term care conversation.

The time to talk about long term care is while your loved one is still healthy and mobile. If decisions are put off, it could limit your loved one’s options and mean much more expensive care. By having a plan in place that the proper long term care insurance, you can be secure that care will be affordable and that your loved one’s wishes are seen to.

2. Ask what type of long term care your loved one wants to receive.

It is important to stay focused on their desires and concerns. Let them decide whether they wish to age in place or if they’d be more comfortable in an assisted living facility if they ever need long term care. It’s also important to ask how they would pay for care and how well prepared they are for any unexpected expenses that may come into the picture as a result of illness or disability.

3. Write down what is discussed and research options online.

The conversation is only useful if you act on what you’ve discussed. Looking into options such as long term care insurance, for instance, can help you and your loved one be sure that any needed care can be covered. Speaking with long term care professionals to develop a sound plan means that you know who to call and how to take next steps when your loved one is ready to focus on their long term care plan.

Lastly, making decisions early means a wider array of options and more affordable long term care insurance plans. It’s never to early to talk about long term care and the choices that will work best for your loved one.

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