Long Term Care Insurance Reviews

I was nervous about choosing the right Long Term Care Insurance, but Schneider & Shulman Associates made it easy. They listened to my concerns and then came up with a personalized plan that meets my needs and fits my budget. And that didn’t change once I signed the contract. They’re still there to help me and answer my questions. It’s a great service they provide. Really, it’s more like a relationship.

– Dorothy B., Merrick, NY

I was looking for Long Term Care Insurance to protect my wife, but Schneider & Shulman Associates helped me see that both of us need coverage. I sure hope I live a long time. Thanks to Schneider & Shulman, now I’m ready for it.

– Scott H., New York, NY

Schneider & Shulman Associates are so knowledgeable about Long Term Care Insurance. I asked my regular insurance agent about it and he was totally lost. It’s such a specialized field; I’m glad I went with the experts.

– Barbara S., Lauderhill, FL

When I was looking for Long Term Care Insurance, I was afraid I might be rejected because of a previous medical condition. But Schneider & Shulman Associates found a policy that covers me at premiums I can afford. I really appreciate the peace of mind they gave me.

– Donna B., Oyster Bay, NY

I’ve seen what can happen to people when they have to take care of an aging parent and I never want my kids to go through that. I love them too much. Schneider & Shulman Associates showed me that Long Term Care Insurance is a great way to show my love and secure my family’s future.

– Steve S., Bethesda, MD

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