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When considering Long Term Care Insurance, it helps to think about consequences:

  1. If you live a long life and need care, what is your Long Term Care plan?
  2. What funds have you allocated to pay for that Long Term Care plan?
  3. What effect will Long Term Care have on your family and your retirement portfolio?

What Is Long Term Care Insurance?

What Is Long Term Care Insurance?

A Long Term Care Insurance Policy That Fits

A Long Term Care Insurance policy will pay out benefits for care received at home, adult day care centers, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. As independent brokers who represent all the major providers, Schneider & Shulman Associates can help you decide which company and policy best fit your needs.

Long Term Care Is Not Medical Care

Almost everyone believes the chances of ending up in a nursing home are remote. But please don’t confuse that with growing old and needing care. Different from medical care, Long Term Care assists a person with normal daily activities they can no longer manage. Whether your need is due to age, injury or disability, Long Term Care Insurance provides daily and/or monthly benefits to pay for the necessary care not generally covered by health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. At Schneider & Shulman Associates, our goal is to provide you with a Long Term Care Insurance policy that allows you to pay an affordable premium to protect yourself in case of an unaffordable catastrophic event.

Benefits are triggered by the inability to perform two or more activities of daily living (ADLs): toileting, bathing, dressing, eating, transferring (getting from one point to another without falling) or continence. A cognitive impairment, which can include problems with memory, perception, problem solving and conceptualization, can also trigger benefits if it leads to a requirement for substantial assistance. Your own doctor is the one who certifies that care is needed.

Preserve Your Lifestyle and Well-being With Long Term Care Insurance

You may never need Long Term Care, but if you do and you’re unprepared, the consequences to your family and retirement portfolio can be catastrophic. Schneider & Shulman Associates encourage you to consider Long Term Care Insurance as a means to preserve your lifestyle, your estate and your family’s well-being.