David Shulman

David Shulman, CLTC, CEO

David ShulmanDavid Shulman is co-founder of Schneider & Shulman Associates. Originally a financial planner focusing on business, David’s first experience with Long  Term Care Insurance came as a result of working closely with several lawyers and advisors who gave seminars in Long Island and New York City involving estate planning.

When the Medicaid laws changed drastically in 1996 and the importance of Long Term Care planning became apparent, David convinced the lawyers and advisors to incorporate Long Term Care information into their seminars, and he himself became their featured speaker. After witnessing the emotional and financial devastation resulting from the need for Long Term Care for his grandfather, he chose to partner with Jay Schneider to form Schneider & Shulman Associates. The two specialize in Long Term Care planning, and have since become two of the industry’s leading experts. David’s experience as a supervisor for a major Long Term Care Insurance company and a representative for many quality providers gives him a depth of knowledge unparalleled in the field. His practical approach concentrates on preventing catastrophic consequences to families and retirement plans.

Outside of financial planning, David enjoys spending time in Delray Beach, FL with his wife, Donna, six children, and granddaughter, Graham. As an avid boater, struggling golfer, and motorcycle enthusiast, David and Donna spend most weekends either on the sea, at the course or enjoying the open road.



Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from The Ohio State University


Special Insurance Designations:

CLTC: Certified Long Term Care Insurance Expert